Cross Platform Virtualization

CCSS network design and support is available for most hardware / operating system combinations.

Whether you are a large corporation with an extensive server farm and thousands of clients, or a small business laying the cornerstone of your company's computing and network infrastructure, you are well aware of how crucial it is to keep your internet/intranet running smoothly and securely.

Assistance is available for obtaining internet connectivity, domain registration and setup, email and www server deployment, and other 'from scratch' details. You can have confidence in CCSS's reliability and broad experience with many platforms and operating systems.

This can include TCP/IP networking as well as DECnet implementations on any OpenVMS environment. We can also assist in implementing cross platform networking to support your enterprise no matter the size or technology, wired, wireless, Fibre, you name it.

Talk to us about complete turn-key office network solutions, internet connectivity and network upgrades.