Distracted for a good cause - 2010 Connect OpenVMS Boot Camp 
Tuesday, August 31, 2010, 07:41 PM
Posted by Administrator
Hey, folks!

Sorry, have not been here recently. I have been working on very diligently to help bring together the 2010 Connect OpenVMS Boot Camp.

This is a re-incarnation of the long running Ambassadors' Meetings and then the OpenVMS Advanced Technical Boot Camps as hosted by Sue Skonetski. It has been quite a process to re-create and also extend this unique technical conference. We have been working this process in a fast an furious fashion since the initial formation of the Program Committee back in the February time frame. The time we have had could have been longer but I am sure not nearly as much "fun" if we had had more time.

While attendees will see a certain familiar look and feel about the Boot Camp there will be some new features as part of Connect's Community orientation. Lunches will have a bit more structure for those who want it - look for various meeting places around the banquet tables and different themes each day: vertical alignment, market place, organization, technology - all different ways to help people connect with difference segments of our OpenVMS Community.

Connect is also hosting an OpenVMS Reunion on Thursday evening, 16 September. This will be a "pool side" event. Some have said "Pool Party" but given the time of year and the potential for cool evening temps... As part of the Reunion we are holding a silent auction the proceeds from which will go to the Future Leaders of Information Technology Scholarship Fund in William "Chip" Webb's name. Chip who was a strong supporter of OpenVMS and active Boot Camp and DECUS participant recently passed away. The reunion is $25, of which $5 also goes to the Scholarship Fund in Chip's name.

Have you registered? Great! See you in Nashua!

No? Better do it quick!

See you there!


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Don't let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do - John Wooden 
Saturday, June 5, 2010, 01:11 PM
Posted by Administrator
That quote from John Wooden is as applicable to OpenVMS as is it was to his coaching of basketball players. It truly is a philosophy for success.

To focus on what you have no control over, rather than to expend your energy on what you can make happen now disrupts the process of improvement you so much want. Many people in the OpenVMS Community are suggesting THE TASK which needs to be addressed is to port the OS to yet another platform. That action, a 4+ year exercise, is something which we CAN NOT DO and it is distracting people from the process of trying to get the community to move forward with tasks they can do.

What can the OpenVMS Community do? As a Community we can work to:

  • Get OpenVMS more positive exposure in the marketplace

  • Implement more Open Source applications

  • Introduce new people into the OpenVMS Community

  • Train new OpenVMS Community members

  • Migrate VAX and Alpha owners to newer OpenVMS environments

  • Guide OpenVMS to the future

Come join me in this journey!

Yes, it is a journey. These tasks are not trivial nor are they something that need only be done one. They will have to be repeated over and over and over again. We believe as OpenVMS evolves to support some of the newer technology that the process will become easier and more straight forward but it is still a process which will be ongoing for many years to come.

If we do not start this journey then the alternative is unacceptable.

We can have a specific forum for this process or we can use an existing forum. No matter how you look at it though, we need to have exposure so people can see what we are doing and see progress so they can then be encouraged to join in this journey.

Talk to you soon.

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Just hours to go... 2010 Connect OpenVMS Bootcamp Call for Papers closing 
Tuesday, June 1, 2010, 01:23 PM
Posted by Administrator
That's right. At the end of the day we will close the public submission process for proposed sessions for the September 2010 Connect OpenVMS Bootcamp.

If you have just realized you for forgot to submit your session, then, please, go to the Connect website and do it NOW!

Help make this event THE OpenVMS Technical Event of 2010.

Thank you to all who have already submitted sessions. We look forward to reviewing all submissions and finalizing them over the next couple weeks.

See you there!


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HPTF now, and then Connect OpenVMS Bootcamp - 12-17 September 
Sunday, May 30, 2010, 10:41 PM
Posted by Administrator
Many things are going on for the OpenVMS Community this Summer. HPTF will host the launch of OpenVMS Version 8.4. This newest version of OpenVMS is just the latest of releases since the introduction of VAX-11 VMS in October 1977. A great ride of almost 33 years - and a lot yet to come.

HPTF, the Hewlett-Packard Technology Forum is THE most prestigious event annually for HP. It is an honor that OpenVMS Version 8.4 is being launched in June at this event in Las Vegas. Among the sessions dedicated to OpenVMS at HPTF are the following:

1788 Introduction to SDA by viewing OpenVMS Process Internals

Advanced OpenVMS users who require an understanding of the System Dump Analyzer (SDA) and OpenVMS process at an internals level will want to participate in this hands-on workshop.

In addition to basic SDA commands and process internals, the workshop will use SDA to examine process internals and scheduling. Topics include introduction to the System Dump Analyzer (SDA), process creation, process data structures and relationships, Kernel Threads, locating Process Data Structures, SYSGEN Parameters related to Process Data Structures, mapping to Process Virtual Address Space, and analyzing Process Data Structures using SDA.

Speaker: * Wayne Sauer CEO, PARSEC Group

1789 Using Free Tools to Analyze OpenVMS Performance

This session will help you find free OpenVMS performance analysis tools and show you how to download, install and configure them.Learn how to use T4, TDC, ECP, Monitor and Accounting to view, measure, analyze, track and improve OpenVMS system performance.

Speaker: * Wayne Sauer CEO, PARSEC Group

1790 Understanding the Integrity Console

If you’ve had to deal with the HP Integrity console you know it’s nothing like an Alpha console.This session will review the features of the Integrity server console, show you how to use them and explain how to configure an Integrity console to boot OpenVMS.

Speaker: * Wayne Sauer CEO, PARSEC Group

1846 Using an IP Network as an OpenVMS Cluster Interconnect

In the past, OpenVMS Cluster communications required a bridged (Layer 2) LAN connection, and cluster communications could not be routed through an IP network. This session describes how to use the new capability in OpenVMS Version 8.4 of using an IP network as a native OpenVMS Cluster interconnect.

Learn about the capabilities added to OpenVMS to support using IP as a native cluster interconnect and how to set up an OpenVMS cluster to use IP as its cluster interconnect. Discover promising application areas for this new capability and find out about the performance, system overhead, and availability expectations for IP as a cluster interconnect.

Speaker: * Keith Parris Systems/Software Engineer, HP

1847 Using Shadowsets With More Than 3 Members

In the past, OpenVMS Host-Based Volume Shadowing had a limit of three members in a shadowset. In OpenVMS Version 8.4, shadowsets can contain up to six members. This session describes potential applications for this new capability and factors to consider in its adoption and use.

Learn what changes were made to allow this expanded support, how this new capability can be applied to best advantage, and the effects on availability and performance of having more than three members in a shadowset.

Speaker: * Keith Parris Systems/Software Engineer, HP

1848 Case Studies of Disaster Tolerance and Disaster Recovery with OpenVMS

This session describes recent user experiences with OpenVMS disaster-tolerant and disaster recovery configurations, outlines underlying needs, the approaches chosen, and the results achieved.

Learn about industry trends that are driving OpenVMS DT and DR solutions, approaches that are working, and the techniques and technologies being used.

Speaker: * Keith Parris Systems/Software Engineer, HP

1884 Launch, Strategy and Roadmap: With OpenVMS Your Future IS Secure

Welcome to the official launch of OpenVMS 8.4 on Integrity and Alpha systems. OpenVMS is known for delivering high availability, scalability, reliability, security and industry-leading cluster technology.

Find out how OpenVMS v8.4 raises the bar with Virtualization support, clusters over IP, improved disaster tolerance with six shadow sets, and much more. Future strategy/roadmap plans for OpenVMS will be shared.

Speaker: * Shobha Benakatti Director, OpenVMS, Hewlett Packard

1887 OpenVMS 8.4 on Tukwila Quad Core 9300 – Blazing Performance

This session provides an overview of OpenVMS on new Integrity Servers including supported configurations and release dates, performance and price benchmarks, scalability and overall performance.

Speaker: * Prashanth Kagganti HP

1888 System management on OpenVMS

Get an overview of System Management offerings on OpenVMS and understand the system management roadmap, including OpenView offerings.

Speaker: * Mandar Chitale Global Lead, Office of OpenVMS Customer Programs, HP

1891 OpenVMS as a Guest on HPVM

Learn about workload configuration, sizing HP Integrity server, and how many instances of OpenVMS can run for a given workload. Understand how to install and configure HP-UX, HP Virtual Machines, and the OpenVMS guest, including managing the environment.

Speaker: * Mandar Chitale Global Lead, Office of OpenVMS Customer Programs, HP
* Narayanan N Technical Consultant, Hewlett-Packard

1945 Best Practices for OpenVMS System Management for the 21st Century

OpenVMS is an incredibly robust and rugged computing environment -- able to withstand many types of failures, allowing for continuous database and application access. However, failures can and do occur -- often the result of neglect or mismanagement. Do you have "Peace of Mind” that your VMS systems are adequately maintained, and that you are able to prevent failures and efficiently recover should a failure occur?OpenVMS is often running applications that are critical to the businesses they support. Yet, they are often only small part of their IT departments, often relegated to second tier status and lacking adequate staff and maintenance. Worse yet, they may have been left in a corner and nearly forgotten…until the application fails and disrupts business.

This session discusses proven methodologies and best practice for VMS system management that virtually eliminates downtime while maintaining exceptional performance – with minimal or no VMS knowledgeable staff. We will discusses real-world experiences that have caused outages or disruptions to production environments and more importantly how to avoid these costly events by implementing pro-active, consistent and repeatable processes; Automated monitoring of all critical events; Redundant processes; Exception tracking and monitoring: All part of the infrastructure necessary in the 21st century OpenVMS environment to insure continuous availability.

Speaker: * Brad McCusker VP OpenVMS System Services, Software Concepts International

2945 OpenVMS SIG

Be sure to join this special community that focuses on OpenVMS. Build key relationships with other users as well as gain valuable education in the process. Sponsored by Connect, but open to all HP Technology Forum participants.

Speaker: * Greg Guthman Sr. OpenVMS Systems Manager, Quest Diagnostics Incorporated

AM3105 Disaster Tolerance and Disaster Recovery with OpenVMS

Discuss options, problems, and solutions related to using OpenVMS to achieve Disaster Tolerance and/or Disaster Recovery.Session

Speaker: * Keith Parris Systems/Software Engineer, HP

AM3112 OpenVMS Clusters

Discuss problems, issues, options, and solutions related to using OpenVMS Clusters for high availability, scalability, and investment protection

Speaker: * Keith Parris Systems/Software Engineer, HP

If you can you should make it a point to get to HPTF. Some good sessions and important presentations and announcements.

And then get your sights set on September. The 2010 Connect OpenVMS Bootcamp is being held 12-17 September in Nashua, New Hampshire. This is Connect's first time hosting this event. The process is moving ahead well - speaking as the Event Project Manager. It is a challenge for us as we are attempting to make this event THE OpenVMS Technical Event of 2010. We are on track to make this happen and are very thankful to all of those in the OpenVMS Community who are helping to make it so. Keep checking here and elsewhere on the Web where I post to get a feel for the content. You will be sorry if you miss this inaugural event.

Enough for now.

Have a pleasant Memorial Day Holiday (if you are from the USA). I understand the UK has their Spring Bank Holiday this weekend as well - enjoy!



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Connect OpenVMS Bootcamp - Call For Papers - closing 1 June 2010 
Friday, April 16, 2010, 03:56 PM
Posted by Administrator
The Call For Papers for the 2010 Connect OpenVMS Bootcamp will close 1 June 2010. All proposed sessions need to be submitted by 11:59 PM EDT.

This week long event, 12/17 September 2010, will be the most comprehensive technical education and training event dedicated exclusively to the HP OpenVMS Community with information driven by users for users that will be available in 2010.

Here are the topics we are at looking for sessions:

- Storage HW
- Storage SW
- OpenVMS Futures
- Hardware Roadmap with Blades
- Virtualization/Emulation
- Oracle (Rdb/Codasyl/Classic)
- Hands-on demo/learning sessions
- Disaster avoidance/High Availability/Mission Critical
- Open Source
- Modernization
- Software Development
- Middleware

Some of the session titles already submitted include:

- Introduction to modern runtime environments and languages
- OpenVMS and Web Services: myth or reality?
- To queue or not to queue?
- Integration Technologies and Products for OpenVMS
- Lessons Learned from Porting Software to OpenVMS
- Tutorial on implementing Web Services using gSOAP
- OpenVMS File System Performance Topics
- OpenVMS Dynamic Volume Expansion
- Achieving the Highest Possible Availability
- Using Shadowsets with More than 3 Members
- Using IP Networks as an OpenVMS Cluster Interconnect
- Who Survives Disasters and Why, Part 1: People
- Who Survives Disasters and Why, Part 2: Organizations
- Principles of Troubleshooting and Problem Solving
- Case Studies of Disaster Tolerance and Disaster Recovery
- Using OpenVMS Technologies to Build an Agile Computing Base
- C7000 "Virtual Connect" for OpenVMS
- Using Perl to manage VMS systems
- 60 minutes that could save you from disaster
- Extreme Heritage Solutions for VAX and Alpha

As can be seen there are some great presentations planned. We are looking for MORE! In the past there have been upwards of 100+ different sessions. We know the OpenVMS User Community and the Partners as well as the HP Office of OpenVMS Programs want to make this a very successful event. We encourage you to submit your sessions now!

By the way, speakers get a reduction in the registration fee! A $700.00 discount for speakers, $795 for the week versus $1,495.

You do NOT need to be a Connect Worldwide member to speak at the OpenVMS Bootcamp. Connect would love to have you as a member so you show your support for OpenVMS in their community, but we want anyone interested in presenting a technical session to attend!

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing your session submissions.


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