Open Source on OpenVMS Conference Calls... 
Monday, April 18, 2016, 08:00 PM
Posted by Administrator
We hold a conference call on the THIRD Thursday of each month. The calls alternate between 08:00 EDT/EST and 23:00 EDT/EST. This call this month, April 2016, is this Thursday, 21 April at 23:00 EDT.

You can join the call by accessing the conference:

The access is via VOIP or by using Skype or some other calling program. There is only ONE telephone number is the US or the web interface. The web interface will also allow us to give webinars or discuss items and show information. To access the system:

Or by phone
Dial: (712) 832-8330
Access Code: 2041583

Additional telephone numbers
are available internationally:

Australia: (08) 9520 3110
Austria: 0820 444599
Austria Mobile: 0820 987601
Belgium: 02 808 76 34
Canada: 867 292 3030
Estonia: 609 4175
Finland: 09 74790416
Germany: 0211 95987102
Hungary: (1) 848 0439
Ireland: (01) 437 0588
Latvia: 67 652 298
Lithuania: (8-5) 207 8094
Netherlands: 020 262 1918
Poland: 22 116 86 89
South Africa: 087 195 0685
Ukraine: 089 320 2487
United Kingdom: 0330 010 1990

The web interface is known to work best with Chrome and it also supports Firefox. No mention of Internet Explorer.

You can catch up on prior conference calls on the VMS-Ports SourceForge Project at:

See you there!

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Samba 4.3.6 built - now starts testing... 
Monday, April 18, 2016, 07:55 PM
Posted by Administrator
Have started the testing. Have been working around all the fun of the OpenVMS CRTL Feature Logical Name morass... Some peculiar issues there...

Have also come up with an issue with the Unix Domain Sockets implementation on OpenVMS. Case opened with HPE OpenVMS Support. I may use a work around I have found on the OpenVMS source code from CIFS 1.2 (Samba 3.x) in the mean time. Otherwise I am stalled.

I really do not want to get stalled I did with the PostgreSQL where the code was dependent on SSIO and OpenVMS Engineering never delivered a fix...

Anyway... Of to look at where we are in the process and determine if I want to live with this or work to step around it myself.
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Moving on to Samba 4.3.6... 
Friday, April 1, 2016, 12:49 AM
Posted by Administrator
Well, have decided to move toward the future...

So, since 4.3.1 was released over two years ago I have decided to move over to 4.3.6...

Moving along with first build efforts... configure has gone ok. make is moving along...

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A couple steps forward a couple back and then again... 
Tuesday, March 22, 2016, 12:54 AM
Posted by Administrator
Well, after a bit of exploring and investigation and tuning the includes and other bits and pieces I got to a point with my initial Samba 4.3.1 build on OpenVMS to where it looked like I could not get much further. I got down to about 15 images that still had undefined references. Some do not seem to be directly in the code in Samba - the dependency demon raises its head. So I decided to step back, look at what I could disable in the configure in an attempt to get as minimal a version of Samba as possible.

Well, that was nice, found I had some missing knowledge and missing pieces to the puzzle. I had apparently not documented all the "little" changes to get past minor glitches in the configure. So, as of right now these are the modified files in the build process:

Directory REF_ROOT:[samba-4^.3^.1]


Directory REF_ROOT:[samba-4^.3^.1.bin.default.pidl]


Directory REF_ROOT:[samba-4^.3^.1.buildtools.wafsamba]

Directory REF_ROOT:[samba-4^.3^.1.pidl]


Directory REF_ROOT:[samba-4^.3^.1.pidl.lib.Parse.Pidl]

Directory REF_ROOT:[samba-4^.3^.1.source3]


Directory REF_ROOT:[samba-4^.3^.1.third_party.waf.wafadmin.Tools]

Now of course all the necessary include files have to be found and that will vary by system to system.

This build also depends upon the Python module which I developed and which is available on the VMS-Ports SourceForge Project. It also depends upon Perl 5.22.1 and the modification of the Perl module to ignore VMS at the "my $Is_VMS..." line - change the "eq" to "ne". A more complete fix needs to be made for using Perl under GNV/bash on OpenVMS but this takes care of the immediate issues.

You will want Python and Perl to not be defined as symbols under DCL. This will confuse the build. Set up the PATH variable in GNV/bash to include /perl_root and /python_root/vms/bin.

More will come as I move forward.
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FIRST Tech Challenge South Super-Regional in ONE week! 
Thursday, March 3, 2016, 02:05 AM
Posted by Administrator
A week from now I fly to San Antonio for the FIRST Tech Challenge 2016 South Super-Regional.

There I will be part of the judging team.

I will also be observing and cheering on the three FIRST Tech Challenge teams from South Carolina!

Good luck to all of the teams - and especially those from South Carolina.

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