Slow Progress... 
Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 04:12 PM
Posted by Administrator
As many people know I had a difficult situation in late Summer 2017. My wife died. This placed a lot of new pressures on me besides all the emotional issues associated with a sudden and unexpected loss. As such things have been a bit quiet on the Open Source "front" for me. I actually shutdown my servers as I really had not extra cycles personally to apply to the various projects I had been working.

I am slowly getting things back in order. I some more work to do before I reboot the servers but I do believe that will happen in the next month or so. I have some other commitments I need to address first - I run the South Carolina FIRST Tech Challenge program and we just had the State Championship event about 10 days ago - so that is behind me. I am going to be judging at the South Super-Regional event in Athens, Georgia in late March and have a "FunFest" event in Greenville on 1 April... So, it is not like I am sitting on my hands...

I also have some medical issues to tend to. Nothing serious, although painful, just aggravating.

So check back... Or better yet join us on the monthly conference calls dealing with technical issues and progress in the Open Source on OpenVMS community.



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OpenVMS Boot Camp Sessions... 
Wednesday, August 10, 2016, 02:04 PM
Posted by Administrator
Here are the session titles and presenters for the OpenVMS Boot Camp scheduled for 25-28 September at the Radisson Nashua in Nashua, New Hampshire.

Session Title

Presenter Name

Keeping OpenVMS Environments Viable and Manageable for the Foreseeable Future

John Spitkovsky

WBEM and Insight Remote Support with OpenVMS

Michelle Popejoy

A New Secure Paradigm of Cloud Computing using OpenVMS

Tom Heim

A Ruby DCL-Emulator

Lorin Ricker

Agile Modern Development Tools for VMS

Dennis O'Brian

An introduction to the Ruby programming language and some cool things that you can do with it on OpenVMS

Brett Cameron and Lorin Ricker

Assessing Your OpenVMS Cluster Interconnect, Part 1: Health

Keith Parris

Assessing Your OpenVMS Cluster Interconnect, Part 2: Performance

Keith Parris

Auditing your OpenVMS system with PointAudit

Warren Kahle

Business Value of VMS

VSI and Partners

Code Generation on x86

John Reagan

Comparing Architectures: VAX, Alpha, Itanium and x86-64

Camiel Vanderhoeven

CRTL Improvements

John Reagan

Customer Case Study: Implementing a WebDAV Server using WASD on OpenVMS

John Dite

Customer Case Study: Using OpenSource/Freeware Software on OpenVMS to help manage your small software business

John Dite

Customer Case: Virtualize Alphas while moving them to a different location without shutting down

Arie de Groot

Interesting X86-64 Features

Camiel Vanderhoeven

Layered Products Update

Rob Brooks

Managing your Integrity, Console, boot and crash processes.

Jim Mehlhop

MQTT - A protocol for communicating with your things

Brett Cameron and Robert Nydahl

New Advanced File System for VMS

Andy Goldstein


Dick Stockdale, Mike Zaharee and Eddie Orcutt

Open Source on OpenVMS Community Update

Bill Pedersen

Open Source Strategy & Updates

Brett Cameron and Camiel Vanderhoeven

OpenVMS Performance and Availability Updates

Keith Parris

Oracle Database and Oracle Rdb on OpenVMS Product Update

Kevin Duffy and Gary Huffman

Porting Samba 4.3.6 to OpenVMS

Bill Pedersen

Re-Architecting the Early Boot Path

Richard Bishop, Gary Newstead and Doug Gordon

Securing your OpenVMS system with System Detective

Warren Kahle

Software Engineering, the VMS Way

Camiel Vanderhoeven

Support and communications for EMEA customers - OpenVMS boot camp EMEA customer track

Multiple EMEA HPE and VSI Personnel

Talking with your ACMS applications in new and exciting ways

Brett Cameron

The Future of Alpha

VSI Team

The Future of VSI Multi-vendor Storage

Eddie Orcut and Partners

Troubleshooting OpenVMS With SDA Extensions and Availability Manager

Jim Mehlhop

Troubleshooting with Chaos

Robert Nydahl

Update on Thin Provisioning and OpenVMS

Keith Parris

Utilizing OpenVMS System Programming Techniques to Develop Tools for Management and Monitoring of OpenVMS Applications

Tom Heim

VSI ISV Partner Solutions

Eddie Orcutt

VSI Panel

VSI Team

VSI Roadmap

Eddie Orcutt

VSI Strategy and Directions

Johan Gedda, Duane Harris and others

What you always wanted to know about OpenVMS Service Control, but were afraid to ask!

John Dite

Why VMS is the correct choice for a Secure, Mission Critical enviroment in today's world

Eddie Orcutt and Wayne Beeson

x86 Update

Clair Grant

You canít make this [stuff] up!


Adding friends to T4

Duncan Morris

Advancing OpenVMS in an Open Source World

Jeremy Begg

Availability Manager Overview and Futures

Barry Kierstein

CHARON as a Marvel replacement? Explorations in CHARON performance.

Norman Lastovica

CHARON Virtualization Strategies and Techniques

Brad McCusker

Cleaning Out the Cruft: An Updated Look at OpenVMS Object Maintenance

Dan Fleury and Lorin Ricker

Connecting your OpenVMS Itanium systems to Storage Area Networks

Dave Sullivan

DCL Tips and Tricks

Andrea Arthur

Designing OpenVMS Software for Inevitable Failures

Robert Gezelter

Implementing Network Redundancy and Failover with OpenVMS

James Preciado

Integrating StoreOnce in an OpenVMS world

Eamonn Fitzmaurice

Introduction to AST Programming

Robert Gezelter

Lessons Learned on Migration to Emulation

Andrea Arthur

Linking OpenVMS, Jimmy Cliff, Queen and The Who: OpenVMS today-tomorrow-forever

Ken Surplice

Mistakes: That which makes you stronger

Stephen Hoffman

More Adventures of VMS Moves, Migrations and Rehosting...

Brad McCusker

My System Manager Retired Ė Now what?

Brad McCusker

Network troubleshooting for the VMS Engineer

Greg Guthman

OpenVMS and the Three Sins of Security: A Pragmatic Approach

Lorin Ricker & Dan Fleury

OpenVMS and VMWare

James Preciado

OpenVMS Logical Names in an Application Setting: A Case Study

Dan Fleury & Lorin Ricker

OpenVMS Security

Stephen Hoffman

Perl for VMS System Managers
: An Introduction

Carl Friedberg

Securely Managing VMS from a Windows Environment

Mike Schofield

Setting up and using ACME/LDAP from OpenVMS

dan buckley

SharkDB - the database project

John Dite and Wolfgang Burger

The Fourth Porting: Preparing Sources for the x86

Robert Gezelter

Troubleshooting OpenVMS System Performance: From Beginner to Advanced

Dan Fleury & Lorin Ricker

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Port of Samba 4.3.6 continues... 
Wednesday, June 1, 2016, 08:45 PM
Posted by Administrator
We have been able to get SMBD to work under the TCPIP Aux Server environment - multiple server processes - automatically - and access from multiple clients simultaneously. So now the next challenge is to reduce the number of shared images so we can then have SMBD and NMBD run with minimal impact on a server - reduce or minimize sysgen parameter changes.

Then the testing and debugging will continue more evenly as we move forward.

Need to find, isolate and fix a bug a day for a while. Not too much issue finding. The isolation is a bit more of a challenge as well as getting a fix in a day.

Also need to start developing the new VMS specific ACL code.

Also utilities need to checked out and tested.

No attempt will be made to get the Python extension working - at least not on first blush.

And I need to start working on a paper about this port for the OpenVMS Boot Camp being held in late September in Nashua, New Hampshire.

See you there!
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Samba port continues... 
Thursday, May 26, 2016, 09:50 PM
Posted by Administrator
We can CREATE files! Yes, that's right. Create files! View files! Create new folders! Navigate a share.

Now this has all been in "single" process mode. But it is definite progress!

Currently we are working on getting this version of Samba (4.3.6) to running under the HPE TCPIP Auxilury Server (this is similar to the inetd environment of Linux/Unix). Various issues have to be addressed, the invocation under the AUX server does not use stdin as its base socket, but relies upon the server to create a socket with a special "protocol family" type - TCPIP$C_AUXS. There are also issues with the code as it has come to us in that it does not like doing the DEBUG logging in this mode until after a certain point - which we still have to isolate, document and resolve.

Many things still to be done.


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OpenVMS Samba V4.3.6 I64 progress... 
Saturday, May 21, 2016, 03:31 PM
Posted by Administrator
We have some nice progress...

Have been able to get the code to a point where I can navigate the folders in a share and also open and display a file. Yes, progress.

And then I tried to create a file... Oops! Well, not really surprising that code path has not been excised yet and many issued need to be checked. Looks like an issue with some of the talloc code possibly - that was the comment in the log file. So will dive into that soon.

Nice to see the progress and get the reward of seeing the navigation and the display.

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