Samba port continues... 
Thursday, May 26, 2016, 02:50 PM
Posted by Administrator
We can CREATE files! Yes, that's right. Create files! View files! Create new folders! Navigate a share.

Now this has all been in "single" process mode. But it is definite progress!

Currently we are working on getting this version of Samba (4.3.6) to running under the HPE TCPIP Auxilury Server (this is similar to the inetd environment of Linux/Unix). Various issues have to be addressed, the invocation under the AUX server does not use stdin as its base socket, but relies upon the server to create a socket with a special "protocol family" type - TCPIP$C_AUXS. There are also issues with the code as it has come to us in that it does not like doing the DEBUG logging in this mode until after a certain point - which we still have to isolate, document and resolve.

Many things still to be done.


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